Parks of Study and Reflection - Red Bluff

The Park

Parks of Study and Reflection-Red Bluff is dedicated to studying and reflecting about the Human Being and their evolutionary possibilities toward a nonviolent world without discrimination of any kind. Currently there are more than forty Parks located on five continents.

The following elements may be found in every park:

The Monolith

Constructed of stainless steel to reflect the age we live in, and engraved with the date of the inauguration of the Park, the monolith sets the park’s coordinates in time and space

The Donor Wall

Just as the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Sumerian, or Mayan steles carved in stone give testimony of the events or significant deeds that took place at the time of their creation, the donor wall displays the engraved names of all who contribute to the construction of the Park.

The Water Fountain

Represents allegorically the fusion of feminine and masculine principles as the source of all energy.

Entrance Gate

When one passes through the Gate, one enters a different time and space from that of daily life. Marking the boundary between the external world and the interior of the human being, the Gate is designed to bring about a change in the internal state of everyone who enters.

The Hall

Its interior symbolizes the profound internal experience through a half sphere space devoid of icons, symbols or images. Externally, the walls frame a sphere that in its high point aims towards the heights.

Center of Work

The place to have retreats and personal work workshops.

Center of Study

To be constructed in the near future.

The Park


The Park is located at 13499 State Highway 99e. Red Bluff, CA 96080, on the South side of the Hwy. between the Salt Creek and the Salt Creek Overflow,  just East of Hwy. 36 to Mt. Lassen. Take caution when entering and leaving as traffic moves swiftly.